Who we are

Mandala School Inc. is a not-for-profit educational corporation chartered by the New York State Department of Education with 501 (c) (3) status.

We are chartered to conduct a grade K-8 elementary, after-school program, and other educational activities. Mandala School operates within the East Aurora District calendar and school day with busing provided by the district for East Aurora residents. Students from adjacent districts also receive free transportation.

Mandala's basic approach is to assess where children are in their personal, social, and educational development then create a program with families to best meet their needs. The goal is to have healthy people, those who are democratic, thoughtful, passionate, and creative.

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Mission Statement

Mandala School shall endeavor to provide learning experiences that practice and promote democratic conduct, intrinsic motivation, critical thinking, acquisition of knowledge, community service, and environmental stewardship.


As we change and grow, we learn. Our current size and grade span have served well to test ideas and help us with our next stage.

1) Our historic home We bought an historic house August 2010. Built in 1824, this is only the second residence in East Aurora with local historic designation status. We have worked to restore the building to its 1824 look with 9-over-6 windows and original clapboard.


This place provides plenty of room. Being in the center of East Aurora works best for us as does the closeness and warmth of an historic house. We like having access to the library, parks, and businesses.

2) We are expanding our K-8 program. Balancing this with our interest in maintaining a small, personal environment has us planning for a maximum of 45 students in grades K-8. We will find a second site for the primary section.

3) The goal of providing choice in education has met with wonderful support. The next step is to find corporate and foundation sponsors with the intent of being tuition-free. Contact us if you can help with fundraising.