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Finding your Way

At Mandala School we expect diversity in thinking, interests, and abilities. The many experiences we offer help shape the decisions of these young people. Nevertheless, they must find their own way. We do not force conformity where everyone develops the same skills. That leads to mediocrity. Rather we promote excellence, curiosity, and cooperation.


Acting out arrival at Ellis Island

Our students are evaluated with respect to knowledge of child development, individual interests, and general societal skills such as communication and problem solving ability.

At Mandala School we view learning, communication, and problem solving as on-going assessment. We don't have the need to halt learning to give a formal test created by someone far away. We know day to day what a child's skills and challenges are.

Don't let narrow approaches to education interfere with your child's learning. Try Mandala, a pleasant alternative, where children can be both happy and learning and where their gifts can shine.

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Learning Everywhere


Mandala School is an innovative learning environment dedicated to encouraging creativity, collaboration, and deep thinking.


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Mandala School is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation working to advance the cause of quality education. Please consider a donation.