Mandala Philosophy

Like the ancient Greeks we at Mandala School consider philosophy the daily practice of living. Certain principles guide us as we work through our busy lives solving problems, communicating, planning, and creating. We view each person as unique with special needs for safety, love, and esteem. We know there are individual interests, worries, skills, and dreams to consider. Our main goal is to enhance each person's sense of self, knowledge, and curiosity.

• Community centered
We are members of a small school community nested within sections of larger communities. To be good citizens we must learn to accommodate different points of view, be flexible in our requests, be patient with others, and contribute to the community. This dynamic interplay of individual desires within a society forms the basis of our learning. We seek the ever-changing balance that helps us grow both as individuals and a family.

• Democratic
At Mandala School we provide experiences that will benefit our greater society by strengthening the children today. The democratic discussions we have in our daily meetings validate the students' concerns and allow practice in meaningful problem solving. We know the skills learned and practiced now will evolve into solid skills in management, parenting, community involvement, and, above all, understanding and tolerance of diverse viewpoints.

• Energizing
Our greatest challenge at Mandala School is developing self-motivation in the children. They come from other educational settings where too often students are expected to wait for an assignment or a task to be given before acting. The greatest fault of most schools is their creation of passive, conforming people. Students are trained by others to comply through passive education rather than stimulated to learn on their own. Those who are active, follow their own interests, set their own schedules are often labeled as hyperactive, undisciplined, or just plain troublemakers. We welcome children with energy!

At Mandala we peel off the layers of self-doubt, passive habits, and negative attitudes to reveal the curious person present at birth. Because each person is unique, we tailor a program to fit the individual. We are knowledgeable about child development, the proper sequences for studying certain bodies of knowledge, and the powerful affect of curiosity on learning. All of this is encompassed in a caring, supportive environment.