Tuition support is available based on a sliding scale of income. As we are a young school, the scholarship fund is low but growing. Please contact Bison Fund before asking for Mandala aid. Their deadline is February 28. All Mandala aid will be based on receiving the maximum from the Bison Fund or other sources.

A financial aid process ensures that scholarship requests and financial information are kept confidential. Scholarship application


After applying (see link below ), a conversation takes place with the family to arrive at a mutual decision whether the Mandala School offers the environment most likely to promote growth in character and intellect for the child and meet the goals of the family.

Because the child is more important than curricula or testing, we need a relationship that provides ongoing dialogue, adjustment, and trust. The learning activities of the child are based on the interests of the family and the staff's knowledge of child development, curricula, and the personal interests of the child.

Secondly, the child will visit for part or all of a day to get a sense of the atmosphere, meet the students and staff, and see the facilities.

To arrange a meeting, contact Dr. John by email:

Application Forms

Tuition Plans



Single Child

Annual: $7920

Payments can be made various ways.

A small interest is added for extended payments.