When our family discovered Mandala we knew it was the right place for our son, Felix.

The humanitarian approach to learning, along with caring and patient teachers, helped Felix discover his unique learning style that wasn’t achieved in public school.

Mandala gave Felix the feeling of being at home with happy kids who enjoy lots of time being creative, playing outdoors and taking wilderness adventures.

Mandala gave Felix the opportunity to,  “learn how to learn” in his early years which developed a solid foundation for further schooling.

Felix was recently accepted into Canisius High School and we attribute his formative years at Mandala to his current achievements.

We love Mandala!     -Former Mandala Parent


  • We are still accepting new students for 2023-2024. Spaces are limited. Contact us for more info!


Students in grades Kindergarten through eighth have unique, hands-on learning opportunities.


Students apply different skills and creative processes to produce a real understanding of knowledge.


Daily exposure to the outdoors and frequent field trips allow children to gain and exercise their understanding of how the world works.

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