Who We Are

Mandala School is an innovative learning environment dedicated to encouraging creativity, collaboration, and deep thinking.

Our students are evaluated with respect to knowledge of child development, individual interests, and general societal skills such as communication and problem solving ability.

At Mandala School we view learning, communication, and problem solving as on-going assessment. We don't have the need to halt learning to conduct formal testing. We know day to day what a child's skills and challenges are.

Don't let narrow approaches to education interfere with your child's learning. Try Mandala, a pleasant alternative, where children can be both happy and learning and where their gifts can shine.

We have two simple rules:

Be kinder than you want to be and don't interfere with learning. 

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"Mandala was chosen as the school name because a mandala, as made in sand by Buddhist monks, shows the complexity and interconnections of all things. Now imagine that complexity in 3-D and always moving-that’s the way I view children.

When finished, the monks throw this incredible artwork into the wind or into a stream showing the fleeting quality of life and therefore its preciousness." - Dr. John Newton, founder

Mission Statement

Mandala School shall endeavor to provide learning experiences that practice and promote democratic conduct, intrinsic motivation, critical thinking, acquisition of knowledge, community service, and environmental stewardship.


Our Story

Mandala School was established in September 2008 by Dr. John E. Newton. Since opening our doors, we’ve moved three times before settling in our current home on Main Street, an historic home built in 1824. Dr. John, as he is affectionately called, started Mandala School as a retirement project although he had been thinking about it since college days.

After 16 years we can look at how our students have fared in high school and beyond. They are the evidence that our approach to learning and living is working. 




Mandala School Inc. is a not-for-profit educational corporation chartered by the New York State Department of Education with 501 (c) (3) status.

Meet the Teachers

At Mandala, our talented teachers focus on the individual needs and interests of children so they get excited about new concepts and solving problems. Students are encouraged to choose, within limits, what they want to learn so independent research starts at an early age. Choices are integrated with what they need to learn: reading, writing, mathematics.

Dr. John Newton

Founder, Director, & Teacher

Kelsey Zimmermann

Assistant Director & Teacher